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NWA Wisconsin, sometimes called ACW/NWA Wisconsin formed in 1998 as All-Star Championship Wrestling (ACW), by retired ACW/NWA Wisconsin Hall of Fame members "Straight Edge" Eric Hammers (Eric Pleckan, inducted 2006) & Mike Mercury (Michael Krause, inducted 2008).

ACW already had a fan following in the Green Bay area, and it caught the attention of future owner, Jason Jerry, who was working for a TV Station in the Green Bay area that was looking into professional wrestling for their programming schedule.

However, like many independent wrestling promotions, ACW was in financial trouble, despite their rabid fanbase, and by the end of 2001, was in deep debt. As a last ditch effort to escape mounting debt, ACW attempted a talent exchange with Minnesota's now-defunct Midwest Pro Wrestling that left them vulnerable to a talent raid by the Minnesota group.

At the behest of the remaining ACW veterans, rather than see ACW fold, Jason Jerry assumed control of the promotion in 2002 as a way to recoup some of the funds owed him by the federation, and ACW returned at the card appropriately entitled "Rebirth". The following year, All-Star Championship Wrestling joined the National Wrestling Alliance, joining their promotion's history to the storied history of the NWA, while also vastly expanding the talent pool available to ACW. The promotion would now be known as ACW/NWA Wisconsin.

In the summer of 2005 at ACW Last Call, ACW owner Jason Jerry retired the ACW name, renaming the promotion NWA Wisconsin, to further solidify their ties to the NWA and acknowledge the rich tradition and history of the National Wrestling Alliance.

However, later in the year, a group of "ACW Originals" led by Reverend Ben Johnson would accuse Jason Jerry of trying to ignore the past of ACW and launched an attempt to take over the company. Although Jason Jerry was successful in retaining control of the company, he realised the value in the brand name of ACW beyond reunion shows, and in late 2006, re-launched ACW as a separate brand within NWA Wisconsin, and then further surprised everyone by allowing Ben Johnson to be in charge of the brand.

In July 2008, ACW celebrated a milestone with their 10th Anniversary show and capped off the event with the induction of ACW co-founder Mike Mercury into the ACW Hall of Fame, joining his co-founder Eric Hammers, who was inducted in 2006 and was also present at the landmark event.

ACW continues to honour and acknowledge their past with the ACW Hall of Fame, something unique among independent promotions. Every year since 2005, the ACW Hall of Fame honours retired ACW personnel who have made a significant contribution to the company, in or out of the ring. ACW Management actively seeks input from their devoted fanbase as to whom should be selected, but also provide several suggestions of their own. Hall of Fame Inductees are presented a plaque in a special in-ring ceremony, similar to the Halls of Fame in other sports. Another thing that makes the ACW Hall of Fame stand out is that each year, only one person is honoured, making the event a true special occasion for the inductee.

On December 4, 2009 at ACW's Homecoming, "Kamikaze" Ken Anderson, formerly known as WWE's Mr. Ken Kennedy returned "home" to All-Star Championship Wrestling, where he was inducted into the ACW Hall of Fame by his trainers and fellow Hall of Fame members, ACW founders Mike Mercury and Eric Hammers, becoming the first member of the Hall of Fame to be inducted while still an active wrestler. Ken also wrestled that night for the ACW Heavyweight Championship, capturing the title he had previously held, before unfortunately dropping it back to the former champion, Shane Hills, in an impromptu rematch the same night.

NWA Wisconsin and All-Star Championship Wrestling formerly had a web show, Happy Hour. This show was often aired as a web exclusive or DVD extra.

In 2011, the promotion abandoned both the NWA Wisconsin name as well as the ACW name, prior to closing their doors for good the following year.

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