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  • SFP, Inc. is interested in contacting individuals fluent in other languages to make our site user-friendly for wrestling fans in other countries that do not speak English, and also for the purpose of sending out professional letters to foreign wrestling/MMA federations whom we would like to distribute merchandise for in the U.S.

    Professional references are a MUST.

    If interested, submit a resume and cover letter in Microsoft Word format to us at


  • SFP, Inc. is a professional wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts media distribution company. However, we would like to expand into other media as well. We are extremely interested in becoming a media production company, as well.

    If you are a videographer or photographer interested in wrestling or Mixed Martial Arts and would like to be a part of the wrestling or MMA business, working with wrestling/MMA promotions, fighters and wrestlers, please contact us. You would be an independent contractor and given a custom SFP e-mail address and business cards to promote yourself and would be able to set your own rates for work. You would become a part of our network, and if wrestlers/fighters/promotions are in need of assistance in producing high-quality promotional photographs or cliptapes to add to their available merchandise, we would refer the individual in that area to them, and give both parties contact information so they may be able to get in touch with each other.

    Graphic artists, webmasters, and video/DVD producers are also welcome!

    Those with experience in t-shirt design and production would also be needed.

    Don't see your specialty listed here, but still think you can contribute? Drop us a line, and let us know what you do, and how you feel you can contribute!

    Professional references are a MUST.

    If interested, submit a resume, cover letter, and a few paragraphs on why you are interested in this position and what you feel you can contribute to this company in Microsoft Word format to us at

    You do not need to reside in Illinois to apply; we have clients across the nation.


  • SFP, Inc. is looking for females to model the t-shirts and various other items of clothing that we sell through the company.

    No previous experience needed, just be an attractive woman with a nice smile who doesn't mind having her pictures published online. Photo sessions generally only take a few minutes, and are done only when we have new merchandise in stock. See one of our models in the picture below.

    Please note, we do not have a studio. We may ask if you know of good places that we can take some shots at.

    This position offers a chance for exposure only.

    We may also contact you to attend one of the live shows we will be working at to model in person, chat with our customers at the show, and help sell our products (Spokesmodel/Brand Ambassador).

    If interested, please submit a photograph, along with your name, address, telephone number, and a few words detailing why you are interested to, and we will contact you to arrange for an interview.

    Please, local (Chicago area) candidates only at this time.

    Questions? Comments? Click on the icon to e-mail us:  

    Photo courtesy Valerie Valenti, Something WILD In California